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Post by Envyous on Sun Jul 08, 2018 4:24 pm

1. Characters out of the ones registered are selected randomly for participation in each round. There are no repeats, if your character is already fighting once in the round, they won't fight someone else again.

2. Characters start with 500 max health, RNG is used to determine which attacks land blows and which don't.

3. Please fight fairly, no insta-KOs, no all-powerful death moves, the rules from the site still apply here.

4. After you win rounds, you get 5 tokens per-character (ex; two of your chars win, you get 10 tokens for both of them). You can spend these tokens on upgrades for the arena, other things to give your characters better odds, go by them from the mystical Deer Goddess in her shop.

5. The championship is taking place in a completely separate universe from any of the sites, once your characters leave, they will have no memory of what happened here and go back to living their normal lives.

6. I know it's probably tempting sometimes but for the love of god, don't attack Envi.


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