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Post by Envyous on Sun Jul 08, 2018 4:13 pm

In order to successfully register your characters for the Battle Royale event, please look to the following guidelines.

1. These characters can be from any of the following three sites; Injustice: From Ashes, Gone and Eternal. Any other sites are non-valid for participation in this event. The reason just these three were chosen is because other sites wouldn't be valid for the in-game prize.

2. Your I:FA characters cannot already have legendary-grade powers. This is to prevent the end-game prize from being overly OP and to give characters from the other two sites a fair chance.

3. No one will die in this event, if a character is considered 'out' from the event (losing too many rounds) then they will be sent back to their corresponding universe and have no memory of the events that took place here.

4. Envi explains a lot of the general, need-to-know information in her 'starter' so it'd be wise to read that before registering anyone.

5. You are allowed a maximum of 10 characters, if all your characters die, you're out.


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