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Let The Games Begin Empty Let The Games Begin

Post by Envyous on Mon Jul 09, 2018 4:16 am

Originally, when the people began appearing in the arena, they had been in the middle of various things in the day and were carrying on normally about their routines. Then, almost as soon as they blinked, they were elsewhere. The sky was a bright shade blue, pink cloud of various shades, shapes and sizes painted the sky and made it deviate wildly from what you'd see anywhere else. At first, no one said anything until they looked around and began noticing there were other people in this place with them, soft mutters of confusion could be heard as the crowd began to look around the area more thoroughly. Stands were positions all around them, made of a pristine white marble, at each of the four corners were lioness statues posed to appear as if they were clawing at the air. They were quick to realize that the large, circular shaped field was a coliseum.

"Greetings, champions!"

The feminine voice echoed across the field, causing everyone to look away and up towards where the voice had come from. A large, golden throne sat upon a balcony that was separated from the rest of the stands. Basins, where pink flames rose up from what appeared to be water with rose petals inside of it, were on either side of the throne. In the throne, sat a petite woman wearing a pastel pink dress with several golden bits of metal woven into the design. The dress adorned a large, white fur cape that was spread on the throne beneath her, directly at her feet lay a white feline with a mane of pink flames down its neck. Finally, the woman rose, silver crown embedded with rose quartz glinting in the sunlight above.

"I'll take the liberty of assuming you're all wondering by now what the hell you're doing here, where you are, who am I, blah, blah, blah..." she waved her hand over her shoulder and rolled her eyes, princess pink hair swaying with her movements. Her magenta eyes flicked swiftly between the men and women present before her, smiling as she continued with her explanation, "you'll be delighted to know that I, your creator, have summoned you here with a great purpose--okay, fine, whatever, I'm bored." She explained exasperatedly "and no one is giving me any attention, so I've been forced to look to you all for entertainment. You are some of the most elite warriors of your worlds, for this reason, you'll be pitted against one another in an ultimate fight to the death. Whoever the victor is won't have their world completely destroyed and tossed into oblivion." She batted her eyes while watching the crowd swiftly become terrified below and look up at her with horror in their eyes. A snort left her shortly, "Jesus, it was a joke! Lighten up, if you lose, you are sent home and get your memory of this ever happening wiped and get to go back to your normal, weirdo lives."

She held her hands in front of her, interlacing her fingers and staring down at them. "The winner, however, while also getting their memory wiped, gets to go home with a little extra something special. Me!" She enthusiastically pointed to herself before elaborating further, "or well--okay, not me specifically but a little piece of me if you know what I'm saying. I already see some of you shaking your heads and the answer to if you get to reject the prize is no." She shot a glare towards the few individuals who seemed dissatisfied with taking her as their prize, "come on now, I'm an all-powerful, sexy ass deity, why wouldn't you want me?" She grinned before placing a hand on her hip, tossing her hair to the side and finally finishing her oh-so-pleasant announcement.

"So, ladies and gentlemen, what do you say? Are you game? Of course you are! You don't have a choice! Let the battle royale begin!"


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